Exporo smooths HR processes, simplifies customer service, and unlocks more efficient mass mailing with HelloSign + Dropbox.

Exporo is Germany's leading provider of digital real estate investments. The Hamburg-based company enables private individuals to acquire shares in real estate projects, starting with small amounts, and to build up an individual real estate portfolio without major entry hurdles - simply and transparently.

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How Exporo uses Dropbox Sign

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Image showing a number of downloadable documents
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Image of the HelloSign product

Bulk signing needs

The need to send documents to 2500+ individuals at a time while also requiring their new hires to complete onboarding documents.


Simplified onboarding

New hires are able to easily complete their Exporo onboarding documents and have them automatically stored safely in Dropbox.


Employees save time

With the ability to prepare campaigns for signature in groups of up to 250, employees can streamline their processes

A deeper dive with Exporo

The Challenge
The Opportunity

Slow Progress at High Costs

Countless documents are involved in the property investment process and Exporo was having to send out thousands of personalized letters on a regular basis. Not only did this waste time, it also incurred significant costs from buying paper, printing, paying for postage and return envelopes, and much more. On top of this, receiving returns via post was an incredibly slow and often inconsistent process that significantly slowed down the business.

Before eSignature, sending a campaign required a full-time employee focused solely on creating the paperwork, stuffing the envelopes, and sending every piece out manually: a process that could take up to two weeks!

Other hurdles also came to light with the 2020 pandemic. In a remote world, Exporo needed to find a way to send new hire contracts, collect the required onboarding documents from new employees, and coordinate new client paperwork like NDAs. While they were already storing their completed documents in Dropbox they hadn’t implemented a 100% digital process for getting them signed.

"The sooner you start using HelloSign, the sooner you can see the benefits. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve."

Soren Kruger
IT Security Officer
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The Solution

Streamlined and Organized Workflows

Recognizing the need for more efficient, effective workflows, Exporo knew they needed to add an eSignature solution. Since Exporo had relied on Dropbox from the very beginning with a digital business model and fully digital workflows, adding HelloSign was a simple decision. Different tasks require different, special tools, and the more seamlessly the individual tools are integrated the less time is spent moving from one platform to the next. Instead of having tons of signature folders with agreements and contracts from the personnel department or the accounting department on his desk, CEO Simon Brunke can now manage all of his documents with two or three clicks. This considerably simplifies business administration and organization. “The potential to be seamlessly linked with other tools, viewed from the operational work nowadays decides whether an application wins or loses”, summarizes Brunke.

The use of HelloSign ensures fast and uncomplicated digitization of document processes, which are indispensable in the real estate business. At the same time, signature processes are simplified in the long term. Extremely comprehensive documentation and hands-on support meant the integration process was simple, while HelloSign’s API-first approach meant the tool worked seamlessly right from the start.

The Results

Digitization is full circle

Exporo is now able to manage HR processes, customer service, and mass-mailing entirely digitally.

Eliminated total time

With the BulkSend function, they were able to write to approx. 2,500 users in three cases and had over 80% returns after just three weeks. Compared to a similar campaign in 2018, it took two months to achieve a return rate of 80% .

Cutting costs

The high cost of paper, printing, postage and personnel to obtain wet signatures was cut when integrating with HelloSign. Exporo was able to save over $4.5k.

The Future

What’s next for Exporo

Exporo opens the gate to the world of professional real estate and is the leading vertical to invest in real estate all over Europe. Therefore, they enable investors to create a real estate portfolio all over Europe, diversified over different asset classes and with single investments as low as € 1. By being a tech company with tech on both sides (supply and demand) they enable real-time trading while having efficient digital / digitizing processes on the supply side. Exporo is growing and sharing their vision of “Democratizing European Real Estate Investing”.

Interested in seeing results like Exporo?

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Exporo is using HelloSign to save time and resources.
Exporo is using HelloSign to save time and resources.
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