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Simplify selling, hiring, and signing, with Dropbox Sign

Dropbox Sign meets teams where they work, integrating solutions that streamline agreements and workflows. Our strategic partners (Freshworks, Greenhouse, and Ironclad) leverage the award-winning Dropbox Sign API to embed secure, legally binding eSignature in their platforms natively.


With Dropbox Sign natively embedded in Freshsales, sales reps have everything they need to close deals faster—right at their fingertips. This strategic partnership helps reps stay more organized, ensures data accuracy, and speeds up time to signature, so reps can process approvals quickly, exceed revenue goals, and spend more time nurturing relationships with customers.
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“With Dropbox Sign embedded in the Freshsales CPQ, sales teams can move faster from quote to cash.”

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Prakash Ramamurthy
Chief Product Officer, Freshworks


Many HR professionals spend as much as 33% of their time on administrative tasks, so reducing time to hire means more time for finding top talent. Dropbox Sign, natively embedded in Greenhouse, ensures a seamless digital onboarding experience for HR teams and their new hires. Important legal documents like offer letters, I-9s, W-2s, NDAs, and more can be signed quickly and easily using Dropbox Sign with Greenhouse.
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“A smooth employee-onboarding experience creates a powerful first impression that can have a long-term positive impact on a new hire’s experience. Embedding Dropbox Sign in Greenhouse delivers a seamless onboarding process to our customers.”

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Garret Starr
Director of Partnerships, Greenhouse


With Dropbox Sign natively embedded in Ironclad, the process of securing signatures is up to 80% faster. Users no longer have to switch apps or begin separate workflows to get their agreements signed. All team members can easily prepare contracts and request signatures directly from the Ironclad platform. All signed documents are tamperproof and accompanied by an audit trail, ensuring security and compliance every step of the way.
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“At Ironclad, we work to deliver the most-impactful integrations and partnerships for our customers. Dropbox Sign helps our users speed up the time to signature, eliminate busywork, and ensure the highest levels of security throughout the process.”

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Steven Yan
Chief Product Officer, Ironclad

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