Supplier onboarding process improvement tool

From vetting suppliers to signing and change orders, onboarding and managing suppliers can evaporate your time.

Across supplier onboarding, many SMBs survive with a “no formal process” system—while many with formal processes often describe it as fragmented, manual, or error prone, our 2021 research shows.

Either way, there are some big advantages to taking a workflow approach to business-critical agreements—especially if you’ve got aspirations of scale. Small businesses with formal supplier onboarding processes save an average of 12% on supplier management initiatives.

To help realize these results, we’ve built this diagnostic tool that identifies where your workflows are thriving, where they might be costing you, and how you can unlock greater profits and productivity.

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This tool will help you save more time on laborious admin work, make faster deals, and build more productive relationships. Tell us about your current workflow and we’ll create a downloadable improvement action plan in less than 10 minutes.

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