Vivial Implements eSignature 2X Faster with HelloSign for Salesforce

Vivial is a leading provider of local search and marketing solutions, generating leads for its advertising clients and enabling consumers to efficiently find the products and services they need. They currently have over 500 strategic partner relationships and serve over 1000 markets in the US and internationally.

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How Vivial uses Dropbox Sign for Salesforce


A deeper dive with Vivial

The Challenge
The Opportunity

The Vivial sales team relies on eSignatures as a critical part of their sales process, and they needed a new solution that could provide the user support and ease of use the team demanded. When considering an eSignature solution, the most important things to their team were:

  1. A solution connected to both Salesforce and Oracle CPQ
  2. Ability to send agreements for signature without leaving Salesforce
  3. An implementation that is intuitive and straightforward with low level of complexity 
  4. Minimal disruption to current eSignature users 

After evaluating a number of providers, HelloSign quickly rose to the top as the vendor to provide Vivial and their sales reps a solution that was ultimately smarter and faster.

Like most forward-looking technology companies, Vivial invests in technology that makes their internal team’s workflows seamless, efficient and straightforward. This is especially true of their sales team, who is directly responsible for finding new business and supporting customers. No sales team wants to deal with the inefficient manual processes of signing, scanning and faxing documents out to customers. Knowing this, Vivial’s Director of Salesforce Automation, Shelley Glueckert, and her team went in search of an eSignature solution. They initially selected a legacy eSignature vendor and implemented it into their Salesforce instance. While this solution worked, the user support and ease of use they expected were missing, prompting them to reopen their search for an eSignature solution.

The changeover to HelloSign was seamless. Our hundreds of users didn’t even notice the transition and we’ve had minimal support requests compared to the previous application.

Shelley Glueckert
Director, Salesforce Automation at Vivial
The Solution

Unrivaled Concierge Level Support

During their search for a better eSignature solution, Vivial’s team came across HelloSign and were quickly impressed by the level of customer support they received, even before they became official customers. They were blown away not just by the immediate responses from the support team, but the eagerness to help find a solution when issues arose during implementation. This level of attention was a major factor in selecting HelloSign as their new eSignature vendor.

The Results

Lightning Fast No Code Implementation

The HelloSign implementation was extremely straightforward and intuitive compared to what Vivial’s Salesforce Administration team had experienced before with the previous eSignature integration. If questions arose or additional support was required, a live agent was always ready to respond and help at no extra cost. “Everything we did was intuitive and straightforward, and if there was anything a little bit murky someone was always ready to immediately answer our questions or find out for us. This was the exact opposite of what we received from the legacy vendor,” said Eric Pohlabel, Vivial’s Sr. Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator.

Refreshed with the amount of dedication and 1:1 customer support they were receiving from HelloSign during the selection process, Vivial decided to move forward and implement HelloSign, introducing the transition to their hundreds of users.

It’s not easy to replace an existing workflow and integration with a new one, but when implementing HelloSign into Vivial’s Salesforce application, Eric quickly noticed making customizations and automations was much easier than he expected. According to Eric, who has been a Salesforce administrator for over a decade, he was impressed by how intuitive creating custom buttons, tagging documents, and finding files was. Best of all—it could all be done without writing one line of code. 

“What was refreshing about the implementation with HelloSign is that it was all intuitive from a Salesforce perspective, which is what I know,” said Eric. “Implementation was 2X faster than our previous application. It was night and day in terms of how quickly we were up and running.”

Even if executed correctly, any large-scale technology change can frustrate users and impact critical metrics for a company. With HelloSign’s intuitive implementation and seamless integration, the hundreds of sales reps experienced zero issues and transitioned over effortlessly. As soon as HelloSign was implemented, the sales team was successfully using it to send and sign agreements. This was a huge win for all parties involved, especially Shelley and Eric who strive to help their sales team do their job as best they can. “The changeover to HelloSign was seamless. Our hundreds of users didn’t even notice the transition and we’ve had minimal support requests compared to our previous application,” concluded Shelley.

The Future

What’s next for Vivial?

Since integrating with HelloSign, Vivial has continued to leverage technology to build a seamless and effortless workflow for their sales team. As Vivial continues to add new capabilities to support their customers, they are confident that HelloSign’s product and support teams will always have their back.

Interested in Enjoying Results Like Vivial? Ask Us About HelloSign for Salesforce!

HelloSign for Salesforce is an easy-to-implement and use eSignature solution for Salesforce. Admins can get their teams up and running in an afternoon. We’ve created a completely embedded Salesforce experience so your team won’t have to toggle between your CRM and eSignature solution to do things like manage templates. The overall signing experience is simple and intuitive - giving your users and signers a great experience. HelloSign for Salesforce provides transparent pricing and is a great cost-efficient eSignature solution. Contact our sales team today to get started with HelloSign for Salesforce.

Interested in enjoying results like Vivial?
Interested in enjoying results like Vivial?
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