Add Pictures to Your Page

There are many times when you have images or pictures that you want to integrate with your site content. Follow the steps below to insert an image and wrap text around it.

Wrap text around an image

1. Select Settings from the Text element menu.

2. In the text editor, click the location where you want to insert an image.

3. Click the Image Manager button or CTRL+M.

4. Click an image on the left you want to insert or find the picture in one of the folders and then select the image.

  • If your image has not been uploaded yet please do so before continuing. Upload picture article.

5. Click the Insert button.

6. Right-click the image you selected in the step above and choose Properties....

7. Click the Image Alignment dropdown button.

8. Choose the icon on the right that looks like the text is aligned to the right if you want to put your image on the right.

9. Enter a number between 7 - 10 in both the Horizontal Spacing and Vertical Spacing boxes.

  • Note: If you were aligning the image to the left you would need to put 10 in the Right margin field and a 0 in the Left margin field.

10. Click the OK button.