Creating a Slideshow

1. Go to the page where you want to create a photo gallery.

2. Add an Image element and upload images to it.

3. Select Settings from the Image Element menu..


4. Select Slideshow from the How do you want your gallery to look? dropdown list.

5. If your image dimensions are larger than you want them to appear on the site, choose Yes, I would from the Would you like your photos resized if they are too large dropdown menu.
6. In the Max Width and Max Height fields enter the maximum number of pixels to use for resizing images.


  • Note: You may need to experiment with the dimensions to find the size that works best.
  • Note: If you are unsure of the height your image needs to be, leave it blank.  The CMS will constrain the height proportions for you.

7. Select the transaction effect from the What transition effect would you like dropdown list.

8. Select the speed for the transition from the How fast do you want the effect dropdown list.

9. Choose a number, in seconds, that you would like each image to be shown before going to the next one under the How long do you want to hold each photo before moving to the next? heading.

10. Click the Save my changes button.