Basic Tools

Edit text on pages, blogs, events, and more. Add image slideshows with captions and controls. Create image galleries with simple drag and drop uploads. Advanced users can bypass our built-in CMS website editor and go right to the code, creating custom website masterpieces with HTML, CSS, and Javascript standards.



Edit posts right on your pages. You get automatic archiving, pagination, tagging / categories, comments with moderation and advanced spam protection, pings, pingbacks, RSS, and more. Sell digital or physical products online while enjoying cart features like inventory tracking, customer profiles, discount codes and more. A popular feature for non-profits. Easily set up online donations through PayPal, Google Checkout, or Authorize.net. Add a form builder element to your site so you can start collecting information from site visitors.


User/ Client Communication

Create an online calendar of events for your organizations website with features like recurring events, multiple calendar views, and iCal and Google calendar integrations. Allow website visitors to share content by entering their friends' email addresses and our system sends email content that you have pre-created complete with personalized content from the user. Add links to pages and files in an ordered, scannable, and usable manner. Create on page login to access to Webvis CMS or private web pages.


Website Hosting

Webvis CMS hosting offers Unlimited web pages and subpages, unlimited storage, multiple CMS users, and product SKUs. Broadly-diversified, cloud hosting resources ensure that your site will receive the full benefit of whatever event is driving up its traffic.

Web-based CMS and hosting also means no CMS software to install and no servers to maintain. All Webvis CMS functionality is built right in to your website. Plus when we add new functionality, we roll it out to all websites and you don't have to do a thing.

Your sites are monitored all day every day.

Rest assured that any issue is addressed immediately. After all, we run our entire business, including all of our company websites and all of our customer websites, on our own cloud hosting. We have a major interest in the stability of our hosting which is why we take such dramatic steps to protect it.

Our servers are located in a datacenter in Boston and operate from two geographically separated data centers: a primary data center in California and a secondary data center in Massachusetts. The second data center provides data mirroring, disaster recovery, and failover capabilities should the primary data center become non-operational. Both data center facilities are operated by a leading collocation provider, which provides earthquake and fire protection, along with heating, cooling, and backup power.

The application is multi-tenant, and all servers, storage, and hard drives are built on several layers of redundancy. Webvis is PCI compliant. All of our server set ups include data center performance audits, security certifications, and encryption. Server architecture includes automated monitors that check routers, switches, server load, memory usage, CPU activity, disk integrity, bandwidth, and scores of other system vitals every five seconds. Our data center partners employ all explained above as a redundant layer of protection to warn of any system trouble.

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