How to Find a Direct Link to a File

There are times you might need to send a direct link to a file on your website to someone via email.  You could right click on the file and click properties, or to get the direct information through your site, follow these instructions:

1. Select Settings from the Text element menu.

2. Click one of the following file managers:

  • Image- Click the Image Manager button.
  • Click Show More Button to access more options.
  • Flash File- Click the Flash Manager button.
  • Video File- Click the Insert Media button.
  • Document- Click the Document Manager button.

3. Browse to the file for which you need the address and click it.

4. In the Directory field you see the direct link to your file, excluding your domain name.

5. Copy and paste this address. Put your domain name address at the beginning  and the file name at the end. For example: