Put a Link on a Portion of an Image

1. Go to the page where your image is located.

2. Select Settings from the Text element menu.

3. Right-click the image and choose Image Map Editor.


4. This displays the image in the Image Map Editor.

5. In the Select Area Shape section, check the Rectangle box if you want the map to be a rectangle or check the Circle box if you want the map to be a circle.

6. Position your mouse pointer over the image and then click and drag to draw the map area.

7. You can reposition a map area by clicking and dragging it. You can resize a map area by clicking and dragging the red handle.

8. In the URL Field, enter the URL for the image map. This can be a link to a page on your site or to another site.

9. From the Target list, select the target window where the link should be opened.

10. In the Alt Text field enter the alternate text to display if images are slow to load or do not load.

11. In the Title Text field, enter the text to display when a visitor mouses over the image map area.

  • Click the Update Area button to save changes to an existing area.
  • Click the Remove Area button to remove the selected area.
  • Click the Remove All button to remove all areas from the image.


12. Click the OK button.