Text Element

Popular Text Editor Topics


Save a draft of what you are typing
Saving your rough drafts of what you are typing in your text editor will help you not lose your work if the power goes out or your computer crashes.  Another good use is if you have something that you need to post, but you want to work on it over a few days, you can click to save a draft and then come back to it later to work on it, and then save it.

Adding a table
Adding a table can help you align text and/or images in an order you would like.  This can also be used to put captions beneath pictures.

Copy HTML widget code to your site
Go to the page where you want to place your copied HTML code or widget code. Select Settings from the Text element menu. In the bottom left corner of the text editor, press the HTML button.

Put a link on a portion of an image
Putting a link on a portion of your site is useful when you have a large image and you would like to have one or more links in a specific area of the image.

How to find a direct link to a file
There are times you might need to send a direct link to a file on your website to someone via email.  You could right click on the file and click properties, or to get the direct information through your site, follow these instructions.

Creating Popup Links with the Text Element
Sometimes it can be handy to force a user to view a webpage in a window at a specified width and height.  To do this requires the use of a pop-up link.  A pop-up link is a link that, when clicked, opens a new window with the targeted page inside of it.  You can specify many variables about the new window, including setting an exact width and height.