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Timbren Suspension Enhancement

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At we understand the frustration and anxiety that comes along with a bumpy ride and seeing or feeling that trailer jumping around behind you. We can’t help you with the potholes, but we can help you find the suspension enhancements you need to have a smooth ride despite them.We have leaf spring suspension components such as suspension kits, u-bolt kits, hangers, and equalizers. Or check out our premium leaf spring replacement systems or axle-less suspension systems. If you just need leaf spring upgrades and replacement parts for your existing system, we have that too. We have bolts, shackle straps, bushings, u-bolts, u-bolt plates, and spring seats. You can give your axle and wheel setup some love because we have replacement parts for upgrading your axles, hubs and drums, trailer brakes, spindles, trailer bearings, and more.With over 75 years of assisting our neighbors and customers, over 1 million photos and videos taken to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need, and over 35 thousand installations completed, we’ve got the product know-how and experience to help you make the right choices for the job at hand.